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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Day 30 How much water do you really need?

A cool path on a warm day is the best!


Day 30 How much water do you really need?

When the weather gets hot and we realize that we really need to take water with us on our walk it is always good to know that there is a reason ... aside from the fact that we are sweating and we need to replace what we are losing.
I found this great video from the Prevention website in my inbox today and I thought I would share it.
How much water do you really need?
And a few words from Prevention:
"You might sip on a few glasses of water throughout the day, but did you know that you need an additional 4-6oz of water for every fifteen minutes of exercise to stay hydrated? And the benefits of H20 go beyond quenching your thirst: The right amount of water can help you shed pounds, boost your brain power, and make your skin glow. Prevention’s Fitness expert, Chris Freytag shows you the best non-boring ways to get your recommended 8+ glasses of water a day, so you stay perfectly hydrated 24/7."
Just remember to stay hydrated as the warmer weather moves in and while you are walking30 through June!
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