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Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Day 29 A great day for walking30!

         Last year with the Walk On Strong Walking group!

Day 29 A great day!

Today was a great day for a number of reasons.  We got up early and started going through our 'Exercise and the Brain' Power Point presentation.  Dave and I do this presentation to Corporations, organizations and even hospital staffs and it is a presentation that we really enjoy.  It is all about the impact that walking can have on the body both physically and, even more importantly, mentally.

We went to The City of Kitchener and did a Lunch and Learn presentation at noon for the staff.
It is so truly gratifying to ignite a group and get them feeling that it might be a good idea to add a little more fitness ... walking into their life.
Later on in the day it was time for our Tuesday evening Walk On Strong group walk.  There was a group from Weight Watchers with us to do a 5 km walk.  The Running Room supports a 5 K walk that is happening on Sunday morning and there were a few women who did their walk today rather than Sunday. 
I was lucky enough to accompany a few of these women on their walk this evening and I  finished off the 5 K with a person who has had health difficulties that left her unable to walk a year a go ... tonight was a huge accomplishment ... that is inspiring!
I am grateful for good company ... if you don't have someone to share walk30s with you need to find some willing neighbors or someone to help make the k's go faster.
Hope you had a great day and a walk30!
Walk On Strong,

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