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Saturday, 9 June 2012

Day 9 Walking in the rain ... advice

Another rainy Saturday Morning (2011!)


Day 9 Walking in the rain ... About.com has advice

I am a huge fan of   the About.com Walking Guide and after getting soaked in a very rainy walk this morning I was inspired and informed by her article from October 20, 2011.
giving lots of advice around How to walk in the rain.   You can connect with the page at about.com at the this link and I urge you to do it because there are more links to endless information about walking.
Here is a sample The information below is from:

How to Walk in the Rain

It's Not All Wet

By , About.com Guide

Rain Walking Tip #1: Umbrellas

Some walking purists think that umbrellas are for standers, not for walkers. I don't commonly carry an umbrella (and I walk in rainy Oregon), but under some conditions I use one as the best gear for the day.
  • Umbrellas are best in moderately hard rain where even with waterproof gear, you couldn't keep the rain out.

  • Umbrellas are poor in windy conditions, often resulting in a broken umbrella.

  • Lightweight, collapsible umbrellas can be carried in your hip pack or in your hand.

  • Useful to have if you need to defend against a dog attack. If the umbrella is unopened and the dog is charging you, opening it in his face can startle and distract the dog from the attack, as it faces an unexpectedly enlarged opponent.

  • Practical experience shows that carrying an umbrella on a 10K volkssport walk results in the showers holding off until after the walk a good percentage of the time. Rain showers prefer to rain on those who don't carry umbrellas.

  • If walking with a partner, either both should have an umbrella or neither, to reduce conflict.

  • Take care when passing others that you don't poke them with the umbrella, whether furled or unfurled. I have often been menaced by a wicked-looking stick umbrella jauntily carried on someone's shoulder and swinging around unconcerned for those in the vicinity.

  • After the walk, set the opened umbrella to dry in a warm area before rolling it up, to prevent mildew. 
If it's raining where you are make sure you don't let it dampen your enthusiasm for walking30!
Walk On Strong ... rain or shine!


  1. Today's 14 k was definitely a "character-building" walk.