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Saturday, 7 July 2012

Day 7 cooling down.. a little

Grad day for Annie

Day 7 cooling down.. a little
Just a quick blog today because it has been a long busy day and it is time to rest. A cooler morning made the 8 a.m. 10K Walk On Strong group walk so much better ... good company and less humidity truly made a difference.  

We have a great 10K walk that involves 4 different wooded areas and it just can't be beat.

Then we took our puppy Annie to training ... she graduated from the puppy level a few weeks ago so we decided to stay in training and make sure that we ( Dave and I ) didn't loose momentum. The dog is pretty smart I am fairly sure we need the training.
We put it all into action on our late night walk and we all did fairly well. 
I hope you had a rewarding walk30 today.
Walk On Strong!

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