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Saturday, 4 August 2012

Day 4 Walked and climbed today with the fitbit

I got this badge for climbing 10 flights of stairs (one BIG hill)

...and this one for walking the 10000 steps that we all want to do each day

Day 4 Walked and climbed today with the fitbit

I am already loving my fitbit. I had a slow start today and I wasn't out with the Walk On Strong group in the morning :(  ... and on top of that it was super hot day here in southern Ontario!  Walking in the afternoon was not a wise choice today.  We waited until 9:30 p.m. to get out there for a quick walk around the neighborhood with Annie our pup! When I got home I had a few emails from my new fitbit gizmo... 
and here it is ...Congrats! You've walked 10,000 steps today!
Way to go, that's the recommended number of daily steps! Think you could make it to 15,000 for another badge?

Then I got another message that I had climbed 10 flights of stairs too!  Our walk had a really big hill.
A little encouragement and a suggestion for a little more effort are motivators and I like that personal touch.
The fitbit keeps track of my steps, how many stairs climbed (elevation changes) and it lets me know how many calories I have burned and it does this all wirelessly when I walk near my computer ... how cool is that.
There is more to this fitbit but I will save some secretes for tomorrow ... until then ...
Walk On Srong!

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  1. Have you picked it up and see the chatter on it :)
    This morning I put it on the dresser while I got dressed and when I picked it up it said bon jour!
    Made me smile. Hope you get as much fun out of it as I do.