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Thursday, 9 August 2012

Day 9 Massasauga Rattle Snake in action!

Day 9 Massasauga Rattle Snake in action!

Yesterday I mentioned that during a bike ride with my son I came upon a rattle snake. It was right on the road in front of the cottage that we were staying at.  I went to the cottage and called everyone to come and look and when we got back to the snake it had moved into the under growth a little off the road. Our host Paul had his camera and took this video and you can actually hear the rattling of the tail ... so cool. It wasn't until later when we downloaded the pictures onto my laptop that we realized that he had captured the rattler in action. 
I had a very careful walk30 this morning at the cottage before we left ... I really had my eyes alert for our little friend.
Today's walk was not as exciting but very enjoyable ... the weather was cloudy and cool and the forest green ... you can't ask for more.  I was going to say that we don't encounter wildlife at home in the city but my husband Dave just about had an encounter with a skunk as he walked our dog around the block tonight!
Life just gets more interesting the more you walk30!
Walk On Strong!

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