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Monday, 10 September 2012

Day 10 Walk30 becomes a habit

Heading down the road everyday is a challenge

Day 10 Walk30 becomes a habit

I was talking to my good friend Elaine today. She has been walking 30 (and more) for a very long time ... almost as long as I have.  We were talking about the benefits of walking everyday and that at times we lose track of the fact that it is not easy to establish a habit like walking 30 minutes every day.  The first walking challenge was just that ... a real challenge.  The second month was hard too and there were times when it was a struggle to get out the door.  Slowly walking everyday became akin to having a cup of coffee in the morning or brushing your teeth before you go to bed ... just something that you know that you are going to do ... for sure.
I was talking about my new bike and how I decided last week to ride my bike everyday for at least 10 minutes ... that lasted 2 days and then I just forgot about it.   It reminded me that for many of you walking30 is not a habit yet and it is still a challenge.  That's okay because it is worth the struggle. What ever it takes just keep starting again and eventually it begins to stick.
Today my walk was with Dave, my husband, and Annie our puppy ... it was a time to talk and relax and reflect. Give yourself a gift ... walk30.
Walk On Strong!

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