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Sunday, 28 October 2012

Day 28 Walk 30 keeps me committed to fitness

Walking Annie near Millar Lake Ontario

Day 28 Walk 30 keeps me committed to fitness

Another day and a little bit closer to a whole year of walking30.  I must admit that getting out today was a little more challenging because the wind was cold and the rain was wet.  It seems that the fall has truly taken hold and it is making the walking habit just a little more of a commitment. Right now I am working at my computer and I can hear the rain outside the window.  The is a hurricane brewing up the eastern coast so we are in for some of the residual weather effect over the next few days.  One way or another I will get my walk30 in because the big New Year Celebration happens on Halloween! On October 31st I will have finished a year of walk30's YIPEE!!
Walk On Strong!!

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