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Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Day 30 Thirty minutes of exercise better than 60?

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Day 30 Thirty minutes of exercise could be better than 60? Holy Cow!

I just got my newsletter from TheGreatist.com and it had a link to a very interesting article that examines research into the duration of workouts and their benefit: News: Exercising Less May Help Us Lose More Weight

The bottom line on this research is that they found that when they asked one group of participants to exercise for 30 minutes a day and another to exercise 60 minutes a day the results were that both groups had the same resulting weight loss. 

Check out this article for their take on why this might be happening when it really doesn't seem to make sense.  My take away is a little different.  I am thinking that whether the 30 minute group lost as much weight as the 60 minute group is probably not as important as the fact that it is a lot easier to fit that 30 minute workout into your life going forward it is just more doable.  If we add the fact that it could even be as or more beneficial to you physically and mentally ... HEY! That is fantastic! Now that just might keep you moving out the door for your walk30.

I am celebrating my ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY  of Walk 30 walks (in a row!) on Wednesday ... please be sure to walk with me tomorrow ... it is also a Chance to Dance Halloween class so I am having a double celebration.

Remember that you can join me in the November Walk30 Challenge (yes I am going to continue doing my Walk30 every day).

Walk on Strong, 


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