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Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Day 31 Walk30 is one year old!

Happy Halloween ... Very Spooky!

Day 31 Walk30 is one year old!

Happy first year walk30! I am thinking about my commitment to this project and so glad that walk30 came into my life.  It has been a wonderful fitness addition for me for the past 12 months of walk30 challenges. There have been times when it has been a real push to get myself out the door but I must say that as the months have rolled on it has become easier and easier and more of a habit like washing my face or brushing my teeth.  
I am thinking about adding something to my walk3o daily habit for the next month of November and I am not quite sure what that might be.  Stay tuned for day 1 or the November Walk30 challenge to see how this month is just a little different.
Thank you to all of you that have walked with me over the past year!  We will Walk On Strong into the next 12 months.

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