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Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Day 13 Birthday in Paris!

Champagne orange juice and french pastries! ... ooo la la!
Day 13 Birthday in Paris!

I had a hard time deciding what to do today because it was raining (the first real day of rain since we arrived :(   oh well. We had been talking about a cruise on the Seine with a dinner but the weather was not really saying "oui" to that idea.  I wrote in my journal and read a little but shortly after 3 p.m. the rain was still pouring down so we decided to head out anyway ...toward the center of Paris.  We took the Metro which was unusual for us too ... we have been walking everywhere. 

We went shopping on the Rue de Rivoli for quite a while and while we were shopping the rain stopped so we went looking for food.   We went for dinner near the Louvre to a restaurant that was recommended in one of our guide books ... Le Fumoir ... very good!
After dinner we wandered across the street and encountered an amazing group of people ... all in white ... enjoying some feasting near the pyramid at the Louvre ... hundreds of them ... they all brought tables and food and drink and seemed to be having a grand time! A movable feast! Later we did some research and found out that this was the 25th anniversary of the "White Dinner" which is held every year in a different location (which is a secret until very close to the event) in Paris.

We were thinking of a cruise after dinner but it was getting after 10 p.m. and we missed the boat ... so to speak. 

To end the day we sat on the river watching the cruise ships pass by and then took the metro home to our  apartment. 

We are really enjoying your little home ... it is a wonderful place to arrive at when the day is done ... a good retreat and quiet.

A wonderful birthday!

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  1. Happy Birthday Sue!

    Paris, birthday, walking all over the place - doesn't get any better!

  2. Happy Birthday, Sue. Even though you had so much rain, it sounds as though you still enjoyed your birthday. :) How amazing to have your birthday in Paris!!

    Kathy Bolhuis

  3. Thanks to all for their best wishes! A Paris birthday is something I would highly recommend!