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Sunday, 12 January 2014

Day 12 Slip Slidding away!

Today I walked inside to avoid this happening. This picture was taken on a group walk a few years ago and I fell 3 times that day!

Day 12 ... It was really icy today and I thought about heading out a few times during the day but opted to walk for an hour indoors while watching the Golden Globe awards. Sometimes it pays to stay in and stay on your feet. Yesterday when walking Annie and on our group walk I had more than a few close calls. Today I was  warm, and well exercised by the time all of the awards were given out.
I hope that there were places that some of you found to get a good outdoors walk today! The very best kind of walk30 is in the fresh air.
Walk On Strong,

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  1. Yes sometimes for safety it's good to stay indoors! Especially if it's icy.