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Monday, 26 January 2015

Cold Weather Walking Advice ... Baby it's cold outside!

Super cold day last year ... like today it was sunny which makes things a little more bearable.

Day 8 Minds In Motion Initiative 
 30 Day Walk30 Challenge
 Today I am walking in the cold harsh winter air but it works for me as long as I have plenty of layers and defence against the wind. What ever it takes I will get out there for my 30 minutes.  Is tha tchallenge helping you get outside?  Let us know what changes you have noticed.

Cold Weather Walk30 advice... When the wind is blowing it seems a great deal colder so it is important to wear something that will cover your face when the wind is against you.  Wearing a shell that will break the wind is helpful too.

If it is possible you should start your walk into the wind and try to work it so that you have the wind at your back when you are heading home.

Make sure that you are wearing lots of layers because once you warm up you can always shed a layer while you are moving along then when you slow down you will need to add those layers back especially if you have built up a sweat.

Let us know about your walk30 ... take a picture, post on FaceBook, blog or tweet about it …#walk30withmimi

Walk with us in support of mental health on May 10th in the MIMI K W Walking Classic for more information and registration at www.mimiwalks.com

Walk On Strong,

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