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Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Day 19 and 20.. 10,000 Steps Versus Waling30

Day 19 and 20.. 10,000 Steps Versus Walking30

I wear a fitbit and I love it!  It helps me stay true to my 10 thousand step daily goal which in turn keeps me off my butt more during the day.  There has been a lot of research and talk lately about the dangers of sitting too long at your desk, computer or in front of the TV. Just putting in a few steps during a commercial or an hourly break can avoid or undo some of the damage done by the sitting habit. Check out this article about the sitting habit and its impact on your health from the Mayo clinic website:  What Are the Risks of Sitting Too Much? 
I have a voice that announces the hour on my computer so that I remember to get up and move... it doesn't always work but it helps:)

All that being said, getting 10,000 steps doesn't always mean that you are getting out the door for an old fashioned walk.  There is also an equal amount of research that touts the benefits of fresh air and nature for enhanced physical and mental health. Even if you break your walk30 into 10 minute walks you are still reaping that benefit and if your walk can take you to a park or past a tree ... all the better. Here is an article from The Globe and Mail: How Walking in Nature Changes the Brain.
A park in Paris ... that was a great walk!
 When you line up your day try to get some of that walking done outside if possible.  There are days when it is tough but there are always umbrellas and winter boots to help you out! 

So your step count goal can, and possibly should, include that walk30. We have been renovating the basement and it has been taking up a lot of time over the past few days ...  I still got in my walk30 and renovating took care of my 10 thousand step goal... life is good!

Walk On Strong!!

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