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Thursday, 12 January 2012

Day 12 Walk On Strong worshop starts today

                         Walk On Strong with Sue and Dave

Day 12 Walk On Strong worshop starts today

It is always a great day when we start the WOS Power Walking workshops.  We have two groups that we train... the Intro to Power Walking group that focuses on power walking technique and the Personal Best group that attempts to assist people in achieving their individual goals not matter what they might be.
Some of our walkers are focused on races but most are simply wanting to create a routine of fitness in their lives ... not always easily achieved on our own.   Everyone has individual goals but they all lead us to the same ultimate goal of a healthier existence both physically and mentally.
Dave and I are so incredibly blessed with the opportunity to meet so many incredible people through the coaching we do through Walk On Strong.
One of the best Walk30s is with the Thursday night workshop group.
May you be so blessed with wonderful company on your walk30 today.
Walk On Strong,

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