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Friday, 13 January 2012

Day 13 and it is Friday too!

A memorable walk with our Newfoundland Terra Nova

Day 13 and it is Friday too!!
The winter weather has definitely set in and it is a chilly minus 6 C right now ... it is chilly.  Dave and I decided to do a destination walk tonight to Casey's Restaurant which is a good 20 minute walk one way from where we parked the car. We were trying to figure out a destination that was a good walking distance but not too far from home and couldn't come up with anything.  We finally decided that if we just drove toward our destination we would be a walkable distance for tonight.  That being said it was really, really cold and windy on the way and back ... but we survived and felt good getting out instead of planting ourselves in front of the TV.
I am going to try to get Power Walking Lesson #2 out the tomorrow ... so watch out for it! Come join us tomorrow for a very chilly 14K walk at 8 a.m. or a shorter chilly walk at 9 a.m. ( maybe 6 K)
and ... Walk On Strong!

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