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Sunday, 15 January 2012

Day 15 What difference does walking every day make?

Walking should be a ton of fun... this was at the 
half way point at the Disney Marathon 2010

Day 15 What difference does walking every day make?
I wanted to share this blog with everyone in hopes that it will help us to understand what adding a little more muscle to our walking technique and increasing consistency will do for us.  We all wonder at times why we are not feeling as much benefit as we would like to from our walking endeavors.  You can derive more bang for your fitness buck by simply becoming aware of and using more of your muscle groups when you are out there.  At first you really have to think about your body, how it feels and what it is doing to change your walking habits. But you also have to make it a priority and a habit.
Many of you know that I have started a daily habit of walking 30 minutes ( or more) every singe day ( 21K or a half marathon a week as a minimum).   I hope to encourage others toward the same daily goal by inviting them to the Walk30 Challenge  ... 30 minutes every day for 30 days ... this challenge begins again on the first of every month.  You can start the Challenge any time but the first always seems like a good time to start anything, just like Mondays for diets!
Walking every day since November first I have now completed 76 days in a row of walking30 (plus). Do I notice a difference?
- I am getting out the door every day with much less reluctance.
- I actually am taking it for granted that it will happen and planning my day around my walk rather than the other way around.
- I feel stronger and have more stamina in my walks and in my day to day life
- My body feels firmer too!
On Saturday I as walking toward the walking group in the mall where we meet and someone said " you have lost weight haven't you?" This really surprised me because I actually put on about 5 lbs over Christmas.  Then it occurred to me that I have toned through this consistent habit of walking30 every day. YIPEE!
Hope you walk30 with me!
Walk On Strong,


  1. Great picture and so true! If it's not fun, why do it?

  2. That has always been mt theory and I am sticking to it!