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Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Day 18 One of my heros

My friend Uwe Harders and  his guide dog Zoolu (right) in New York

Day 18  My walk30 today is in honor of the home coming of my good friend Uwe and his new guide dog Zoolu.  I have some incredible friends and for that I am so grateful.  One of the most amazing is Uwe Harders.   Uwe  is blind and he has had four ( that I am aware of) guide dogs that he has trained and shared his life with over many years.  Just this past December he lost his last guide dog Garity very unexpectedly ... a beautiful Shepard that will be deeply missed by all who knew him. 
Uwe is my hero for many reasons and I would have to blog for a week or two to tell you all of them.
Today he is my hero because he is such a model of bravery.  I can not imagine the courage it must have taken to go to the United States and connect with a new guide dog to begin the intense three week training that is required just to begin this relationship.  In this picture he is walking with Zoolu on the streets of New York as the final test before heading home to Owen Sound Ontario.

Most of us take for granted that we can just head out the door and do our walk30 without assistance or even thinking twice about it. Today I am thinking of Uwe and his new guide dog and how happy I am that they are back home safe and sound.  Here is to all of the walk30's they will do together and I know there will be many!
I can't wait to meet Zoolu!!
Walk On Strong ...all!

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  1. Me Too!!!I will tell Uwe..headed down this morning to pick him up and hoping for good driving weather.