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Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Day 17 An interesting walk30 tonight!

Memorable walks ... Walking in Tuscany with my friend Lynda.

Day 17  An interesting walk30 tonight!
I am sitting at my Mac and I am listening to the wind howl outside of the window. It is almost 11 p.m.   
Earlier today it was pouring and not looking like our optimal weather for the Walk On Strong group this evening. 
When we left the house at 6:15 it had stopped raining and was about 4 degrees above Centigrade ... not bad ... not freezing. 

We met a group of hearty walkers in the mall and set out onto the wet streets ... as we moved along the wind came up and the air filled with ice crystals that were like little needles hitting my face ... and sticking to my glasses.  By the time we turned around at about to head back the wet streets were extremely icy and not easy to stay upright on. The temperature has gone from plus 4 to minus 4 and now they are calling for snow squalls.

To say we are having an unusual winter this year would be an understatement ... but we still manage to get our walk30s in ... and enjoy the variety ... as long as we stay on our feet!
Hope you had a less eventful walk30!
Walk On Strong,

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