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Saturday, 28 January 2012

Day 28 Slip Sliding Away

Sarah and Annie

The after walk breakfast at Seven Shores

Day 28 Slip Sliding Away

OMG!  The ice was so tricky this morning.  We had the deadly combination of a fast freeze and a layer of light snow that camouflaged the ice below.  It was so icy this morning that a few of our walkers fell before they even arrived for the walk.  These conditions resulted in many near falls on the trial and more than a half dozen real tumbles ... yikes!
We cut our 5 K a little short and headed to breakfast at Seven Shores ... that was the best part. 
My daughter came out this morning with us and met many of our walking regulars ... it was definitely a day to rememeber.
I hope your walk30 was without any mishaps!
Walk On Strong,


  1. oh yea, Uwe and I both went down like bowling pins!! Zoulou looked at us funny as we crawled our way upright. were fine, just a little sore.

    1. Oh no!! Not you too! Today the world has melted and it is 7 above.
      Sarah is off to Toronto for a conference but will be back on the weekend.