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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Day 31 We start walking30 again tomorrow!!

Memorable walks with Terra Nova in the school yard

Day 31 We start walking30 again tomorrow!!

Today we had a great walk around the University with a crowd of Walk On Strong walkers ... it was warm and the footing was great ... who knows what tomorrow will hold but today was a wonderful day for walking30 or more.
If you are joining us tomorrow for Day 1 of the February walk30 challenge you might want to do a few measurements ( like your waist size) or maybe your weight  ... so that you can see if walking30 every day for the next 29 days make a difference in your physical body.  I wish I had done that when I started 92 days ago because I am sure that it has made a difference in the way my jeans are fitting. More importantly I feel good and when I go for a walk30 it clears my head and things just seem a little more calm in the world.

Here is hoping that you join us or continue walking30 into February!
Walk On Strong,


  1. Sue - I really like your idea of Walk30. You have 12 start ups in a year. So folks can join at the beginning of each Walk30 cycle? Do you have folks that just keep on doing it? How did you or do you get the word out? Do you always walk as a group? Thanks - just curious...

  2. Hi there ... thanks for the questions, There are fair number of people that are walking30 everyday and are continuing on at the start of a new month. Most of those that I know of walk with us in our Walk On Strong walking group that Dave and I organize. We meet on Tuesdays in the evening for a 5/6K walk and Saturdays at 8 a.m. for a long walk (10,12 14K rotation)and at 9 a.m. for a 5/6 K. Some of us might add distance to the Saturday walk if we have a race coming up. There are a few of our walkers doing the Marathon a Week too ( walk60)and one of them started the same time I did!
    I decided on the monthly start up so that people can feel that they can make that commitment or resolution any time ... not just New Years!
    Getting the word out has been hit and miss. I have an email list of people who have walked with us over the past 6 years that we have been leading this group so I have let them know about the walk30 Challenge. There are some that are doing it on their own and others who are getting out to walk with the group twice a week and doing the other days on their own.
    Occasionally I will post a link on Facebook too.
    We have a Minds in Motion K W Walking Classic website and the walk30 blog is on our home page at www.kwwalkingclassic.com
    That's it for now ... tomorrow is another walk30!