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Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Day One of the February Walk30 Challenge

A Walk30 in the woods
... and welcome home!

Day One of the February Walk30 Challenge!

There is nothing like a clean start and today could be the first day of the walk30 challenge for a few of you out there.  There are not many rules to this challenge ... simply get yourself out the door once or twice a day and make an attempt to get 30 minutes of walking done by the time you go to bed ... simple. Do that for 29 days and February is done.
The more you walk the easier it seems to motivate yourself to get out there.  
There are always days when it seems that everything is working against you in your attempt to get a little time to exercise. On those days you will need to be creative ... ten minutes here ... ten minutes there, a walk in the mall, or in the parking lot around your car.

To make your walk30 more interesting why not scout out a route one way that is from your home.  Walk for exactly 15 minutes out and then turn around and head home.  A couple of days a week take that route and time yourself. See how much further you are able to get in those 15 minutes ... you will surprise yourself as you walk on a regular basis just how much faster you will become and how much further you will be going in 30 minutes.
Hope you had a great walk today
Walk On Strong,


  1. It was so muddy I ended up doing a 45 minute dvd walking workout at home :)

  2. I have a great DVD work out too! It is a 3 mile walk and it really gets you sweating ... that works when it is too cold or too muddy! Variety is good for the body too.