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Monday, 30 January 2012

Day 30 Walk30 begins again February 1st!

                    Get ready for the main event ... walk30

           Day 30    Walk30 begins again February 1st! 
                             Walk A Half Marathon a Week!

Well it is time again to commit or to recommit to walking30.  Every month we begin again with Day one but all of those months add up. Today will mark my 91st day in a row walking30!! and I will recommit to starting on day one again on Wednesday February 1st. 

Walking30 is just something that gets done every single day and I wake up every morning knowing that I will walk at least 30 minutes that day ... the question is simply when will it happen today? That doesn't mean it is always easy to fit in but somehow it is becoming a habit and that feels good!
It all begins with a commitment to yourself to take the first step out the door on Wednesday ... please come out and join the walk30 crowd.
If you decide to commit please send me an email a comment or an email to walkonstrong@gmail.com and let me know that you are on board for February.   If you have been walking30 all along send along an email to let me know that you are recommitting.  
Some of you are walking a Marathon a Week or a walk60 every day ... if you would like to join that group it is always an option.

No matter what you do ... Walk On Strong!!

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