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Monday, 6 February 2012

Day 6 Time trials!

My Weight Watchers pedometer has a stop watch ... comes in handy

Day 6 Time trials!
Today I decided to take my own advice, a novel idea that should be explored occasionally.  Last week I suggested that for a change of pace you might time yourself for your first 15 minutes and then mark the spot in your memory that you end up in that time. Then when you take that route again you can see if you can walk further in 15 minutes than you.  Today I walked the route I mapped out last week 
(possibly this is something you could do once a week) and I got to the same spot with a minute to spare ... so my new 15 minute record is about a block and a half further than last week!  I amazed myself.  I walked back home even faster than I went out ... but just by a few seconds.
So next week I will try it again ... it definitely gives me that push to walk faster and challenge myself more than I would on a regular walk and it is a change from intervals.
How far can you walk in 15 minutes?? That is the question today.  Give it a whirl and challenge yourself.
Walk On Strong,

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  1. I timed it today and I'll see next time how far I get!
    Have you seen this eat right Ontario??