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Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Day 7 Moon walk!

Day 7 Moon walk! 
A short blog today about our walk this evening ... I was so excited about the full moon and tried hard to get a picture that did the scene justice.  I sure need a better camera but the moon was so incredible and I took loads of pictures that didn't turn out at all ... here is one of the moon through the branches ... fuzzy but spooky ...
Moon Walk!

SO we dedicated our walk tonight to Charles Dickens 200th birthday ... I heard a rumour that it was his birthday today. We have a walk we call the Literary Walk that takes us around all a neighborhood near the university with streets with names like Shakespeare, Marlowe and Coleridge.
An awesome group of walkers!

The walk was lit by the moon ... so cool.
We have the most amazing group of walkers ... truly a blessing.
Walk On Strong!

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