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Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Day 8 The unexpected LONG walk

Walking in the south of France last March

Day 8  The unexpected LONG walk

This morning we were taking our car in to the garage for a repair and Dave asked me out for breakfast ... whenever we have to drop the car off it is a great excuse to eat!  Most of the time (almost always) Dave drives one vehicle and I drive the other and pick him up.  This morning I suggested that we take one vehicle and then walk home ... 7 kms.  So we managed to get in a great unexpected LONG walk and breakfast.  I felt a lot better about the big bacon and eggs meal as I walked home burning them off.
Think about those short trips you make in the car ... if you have anything under 30 minutes it feels great to just head out the door and leave the car behind.  Maybe one or two of your walk30s this week can be destination walks and once in a while you can throw in a longer walk just to change it up.     I ended up with 27000 steps today because I had my dance class tonight too! WOW!
Hope you had a great walk30 today too.

Walk On Strong!

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