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Friday, 4 May 2012

Day 4 Walking In Calgary

Vocal Motion Chorus!!

Day 5 Walking In Calgary
Well today was busier than every other day this week ... traveling can really throw your routine for a loop.  I did get a chance to do some walking around the area that our hotel is located ... we are at the Palliser Hotel  on 9th Avenue in Calgary.
I am staying here with my Mom and she was telling us at dinner that she and my father stayed in this very hotel for their honeymoon 65 years ago and that they paid $10!  She also let us know that was a lot of money back then.
So tomorrow is the big day for the Vocal Motion Chorus ... stay tuned to find out how we do in our competition and if you think about it ... send us some good wishes at about 2 p.m. Mountain Standard time.
Walk On Strong!

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