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Monday, 7 May 2012

Day 5 and 6 Walking in Calgary

The Vocal  Motion Chorus
The family connection: my 2 sisters, Aunt, niece, cousin and my Mom ... singing together

Day 5 and 6 Walking in Calgary
It has been a wonderful weekend!  Part of yesterday's excitement was a very long walk with the Vocal Motion chorus from our hotel to the competition stage ... an exciting walk30. 
After all was said and done we came away with a third place medal and the memory of a great competition.  I was going to write about our Saturday successes but the internet was not available at the hotel last night when I finally got back to write.
Today we were wrapping up, packing and leaving the hotel with our medals in hand ... feels good!
We walked downtown to find our breakfast and so my walk30 was a purposeful project .
Walk on Strong!!

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