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Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Day 13 A Birthday walk30

A walk and a glass of champagne ... the best!


Day 13 A Birthday walk30

Yes! today is my birthday ... for about 15 more minutes anyway. I love birthdays even though it does mean that I am getting older ... well that is just to be expected.  The important thing is to stay young in your body and your mind.  Today I walked30 and I danced my butt off at A Chance To Dance class.

It is my goal to do something physical on my birthday to just feel fit and alive.  When I was teaching at the YMCA I made my way there on the big day and if I wasn't teaching a class I would be taking one.  I think that I have maintained this habit for over 25 years.  

It is all about pushing ourselves to get out there ... make a goal for yourself and stick to it in the best way possible.  We only have one life to live let's give it our best.

I spent a long time on itunes choosing songs for the dance class that meant a lot to me.  The class was a blast and I felt like a million dollars sharing it with a room full of inspired individuals.  I am grateful for life today ... it is something I hope to carry into tomorrow.

Walk On Strong!


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