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Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Day 19 Getting out the door just gets easier

Just one step ... that is all it takes!

Day 19 Getting out the door just gets easier

I am wondering if you have noticed that getting out there for your walk30 is getting easier?  When I first started this challenge I was worried that it would be just a real struggle to make myself walk every day.  At first it definitely took a bit of mental trickery to make it happen.  I don't know whether I have mentioned it but I have a rebel that is quite strong when I don't want to do something ... no matter how good it is for me.  As the days and weeks and months have rolled on I am finding it easier and easier to make my walk happen.  I know when my day begins that there will be a walk30 ( or more ) that will be part of my day ... no matter what.

Today was a busy day and I was at the Annual General Meeting for Waterloo Regional Homes for Mental Health ... a wonderful organization.  When I got home Dave and I headed out the door into the warm evening air to walk30 around the neighborhood.  There wasn't any debating or excuses ... we just set out to walk and that just felt good!

I hope you had a great walk30!

Walk On Strong,


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