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Saturday, 25 August 2012

Day 25 Interval training makes sense

It was an absolutely beautiful morning for our walk!


Day 25 Interval training makes sense

I want to suggest that you check out one of my very favorite fitness sites ... SparkPeople.  It is free and one of the best sites around for tracking your food and helping you to stay informed around a healthier life style.  It is better than a lot of the sites that charge a monthly fee and the community is extremely supportive. You can also sign up for their newsletters ... they represent a sample of the best of SparkPeople. 
 Today's newsletter featured an article about How to get results with Interval Training. Check it out for some basics around adding intervals to your walk30.
If you read my blog at all you will know that I am a very big fan of interval training.  I believe that you can get the biggest health benefit from your walking routine by simply adding short intervals of "as fast as you can" walking.  One of the suggestions in the article is a great starter.  
Warm up for about 10 minutes at a steady walking pace and then walk one block as fast as you can ( your intense interval) for the next 2 blocks you will be back to a steady pace again so that your heart rate recovers and you feel as if you can do another block as fast as you can.  You simply repeat this over and over again for the remainder of your walk and then you do a slower pace for the last 5 minutes to cool you body down.
We were talking about intervals on the walk this morning and how exercise has such a positive impact on your brain.  If you want to read an amazing book about the relationship between exercise and the brain I highly recommend John Ratey's book SPARK. It will change your thinking about exercise all together.
If you want more information on intervals just search my blog.
Walk On Strong,


  1. I just found your website and would love to participate in the Tuesday evening walks.

    My question is, can I join as is or do I have to be a power walker already? My fear is holding up the group or leader as I am not a power walker but something I am aspiring to be.

  2. You can join us any Tuesday ... in front of Shoppers Drugmart in the Waterloo Public Square. You don't have to be a power walker. We have walkers of all speeds and abilities. Please join us this Tuesday ... we always walk about 5 K and it is a great group!