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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Day 28 Walking meetings ... Great idea!

A memorable walk in St. Jacobs

Day 28 Walking meetings ... Great idea!

There was a great article in the Globe and Mail newspaper today 'A Short Walk Can Boost Executive Control'.  Make sure you check this out because there is some great research and straight forward ways to get people moving while at work.
Walking meetings are a great way to make a connection and to get movement into your day.  There is a little awkwardness at first because we seem to balk at things the we just don't see as the usual way meetings are done but there is so much benefit that we need to just get over it!
The 'walk and talk' meeting should be something that is just a part of everyday office routine.  I have been going on 'walk and talk' meetings with our Trillium project researcher Livia.   Our project revolves around walking so it just made sense to go for a walk to discuss our progress and other issues with her. 

What I found was that the 5 km's (approximately 1 hour meeting) went very quickly and we got in a great deal of information and interaction during our walk. 
So if you have an opportunity to take your meeting outside ... go for it! You may meet with resistance but I think if you print a copy of this article and post it at work ... who knows what might happen or who may be asking you to go for a 'Walk and Talk'.
Our group walk was wonderful this evening ... the weather was  cooler and it made all the difference.
Walk On Strong!

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