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Friday, 31 August 2012

Day31 September Walk30 Challenge

One step at a time!!

Day31 September Walk30 Challenge ... JOIN ME!!

Congratulations to those of you who joined me step by step through August!!! YIPEE! You did it!
You should really pause and think about how this Challenge has made a difference.   Are you feeling a little more energized?  Are you sleeping a little better?  Do you clothes feel as if they have grown or that you have shrunk a little bit.  Was it easier to keep your weight in check even if you didn't loose anything to speak of.  Do you feel proud of yourself? ... I hope so because I am proud of you!
You have done what 99% of others would probably not choose to do and it was a seemly simple thing... head out the door for 30 minutes to walk and then do it again each day for 30 days.  It seems as if it should be simple but it isn't and that is why we have so many people who aren't very well.
There seems to be something inside of us that sabotages our exercise plans and our eating health plans and more.   I know that I have a little voice that stands in the way of my best intentions.

No matter whether you have been walking for a day or a month or a year ... make a commitment for the next 30 days ... just 30 minutes a day and if that seems like too much just head out for 10 minutes ... that's okay it is a start.
Come and join me for the September Walk30 ...  you'll be glad you did!

Oh and while you're at it register for the Minds In Motion K W Walking Classic  September 23... If you have been doing your walk30 every day you will be ready for the 5K for sure and then you'll be hooked!
www.kwwalkingclassic.com ( prices are going up on September 2).
Walk On Strong!

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