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Saturday, 1 September 2012

Day 1 It's all about Annie

Graduation ceremony!

Annie and Lucy

Ready for a walk30!

Day 1 It's all about Annie

If you have followed this blog for a while you are probably aware that we have a 9 month old Newfoundland puppy Annie. One of the reasons that my walk30 Challenges have been successful has to do with Annie's on going need for exercise.  God bless our pets for they need to be walked!!
Our last Newfoundland, Terra Nova, was a wonderful dog and she loved to walk but I didn't always feel comfortable with her alone because she was strong and not as well trained as she could have been ... actually I wasn't as trained as I could have been ... she was just doing what I let her do.
With our new pup Annie I have tried to turn over a new leaf so we have been going to training at PetSmart.  I am happy to announce that Annie graduated again today from the intermediate level!  She has been in class for the past 6 weeks with Lucy, pictured above, a beautiful St. Bernard and Newfoundland cross.  Aren't they the cutest pair ... Annie looks big until she is next to four year old Lucy!
 The bottom line is ... thank you to Annie for getting us out the door every day and often it is for an extra walk30.

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