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Sunday, 2 September 2012

Day 2 A Sunday walk30

My sidewalk chalk drawing ... Minds in Motion K W Walking Classic

Day2 A Sunday Walk30
A brief blog tonight because I am really tired. 
I had the day to myself so I decided to get organized!  There is nothing, aside from a good walk that clears the head and gets you on track better than sorting and organizing.  I have been promising myself to get my office in shape for quite a while.  We have a very busy month coming up for September so I dug deep and started to get things in order.  I was on the right track because I feel a hundred percent better and ready to get things done ... tomorrow I was busy all day moving, sorting and putting everything back in an orderly fashion.
I wasn't too busy to walk30 though ... I went around the corner to see if my friend was ready for a walk and so I had company and good conversation too. 
Hope you had a great day and a good walk30 too!
Walk On Strong!

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