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Monday, 3 September 2012

Day 3 Labor Day Walk30

This was taken in our first year of teaching in Cherhill Alberta

Day 3 Labor Day Walk30

This is a weekend that holds many memories for my husband and I as former teachers and as parents. It is the anxious weekend before school starts for many teachers and students and for us it was always a challenge to get a good nights sleep when we were thinking about what would happen the next day. 

As teachers we thought about how our classes would shape up and what the year might look like as a result. We also thought about how our children would do at the first day of school as students.  Even though we are now on the other side of all of that we still have the slight nervous memory of the shadows of Labour Days past. 
So today there was an air of mystery and we all felt a little like taking it easy.  That's okay because every so often we need to just relax into the day especially when everything is closed and we are anticipating new beginnings for so many.

Tomorrow morning Dave and I are planning a bike ride and a breakfast to celebrate where we are and remember all of the good first days of school that we have been a part of.
Our walk tonight put things into perspective .... that another walking30 bonus!
Good luck to everyone who has a new beginning tomorrow!
Walk On Strong!

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