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Sunday, 30 September 2012

Day 29 Join me on Monday for October walk30!

Saturday's walk  took us through Moses Springer Park!

Day 30 Join me on Monday for October walk30!

This blog for Saturday is actually being written on Sunday morning because Rogers internet was out when we wanted to watch netflix and I quickly realized that I might not be able to do my blog without any internet access.  It was rather telling as we sat there wondering what we would do instead of watching the show we wanted to see on the internet.  First Dave called Rogers and of course they were experiencing very heavy calls and he had to wait for a very long time to find out that, yes, service was down and could be for quite a while.  We actually considered trying to contact Rodgers via internet because the phone route was taking so long ... with no internet that could have been a longer wait.( ha, ha)   Now that is denial!!  We really do take the internet for granted.

I did attempt writing my blog via my cell phone and then I realized that I was being a bit over the top in my determination to write my blog before I went to bed.  I decided that every habit deserves to be broken once in a blue moon so here I am on Sunday morning writing about not being able to write my blog.
It was a glorious blue shy Saturday walk and we had lots of walkers with us on our ususal Walk On Strong walk ... thanks to all that came and welcome to Cheryl, John, Sharon and Cathy who all joined us for the first time!
Walk on Strong!

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