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Saturday, 13 October 2012

Day 13 Walking30 away from home!

Beckon performing at Rachel's Cafe in Lion's Head

Day 13 Walking30 away from home!

We are sitting in Rachel's Cafe in Lion's Head and being entertained by the duo 'Beckon' ... and they are amazing.  They call their sound acoustic pop and it feels somewhat like folk but with more of a pop edge.  They have a wonderful blend of two light clear voices and are obviously talented songwriters too.  We came in for breakfast and were lucky enough to have this added entertainment ... you couldn't ask for more if you were in a club in Toronto.
I am not sure I can top this for a great thing to blog about on Day 13 but I should also mention that on our way to breakfast at Rachel's we stopped off at a organic bakery on the side of the road that was very interesting. In addition to baking that made you want to gobble it all up they had a trail that is filled with sculptures made of natural elements.
Organic Bakery and outdoor wonderland of sculpted creatures
So we haven't even seen noon yet and we have already had a full day of adventure.  There will still be a walk30 (plus) today and we will be sure to get Annie in the water one more time.  I will report on all that tomorrow but for now I will close my computer and enjoy the sounds and songs of Beckon.
Hope your day has a little adventure attached.
Walk On Strong!

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