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Sunday, 14 October 2012

Day 14 Heading home

yippee ... nothing like a good swing!!


Day 14 Heading home

We cleaned up and headed home this morning from our get away long weekend.  It might have been a rainy but it didn't really put a damper on our holiday or our walking.  Last night we headed out into the rain with a mega flashlight because it was PITCH BLACK ... I mean you really couldn't see your hand in front of your face! Dripping wet and we were out there walking30 ... exactly 30 minutes because it was enough. The amazing thing was that it was kind of fun being out in the elements when most people would never even think of being out there ... it is good to feel that you are doing the unexpected.

The picture above is one of my favorites from our Bruce Peninsula getaway ... I found a swing by the marina at Lion's Head ... I always loved to swing in the park as a child and fortunately we really don't change that much!

Walk On Strong!

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