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Monday, 1 October 2012

Day One Just walk out the door!

Day One ... Just head out the door

Day One Just walk out the door!

I spent a lot of the day sitting and working on my computer.  It is truly amazing when you have one of those sit down days how easy it is to NOT log many steps.  I wanted to be sure to get some movement in today over and above my walk30 and my super good friend Ellace helped me out.  She told me that she was going to go to Curves today to start a 30 day trial and I decided to go along with her.  Curves is a great place to get a strength training routine started in your life.  We all need to build muscle and keep it and I have been missing out on strength training lately so ... off we went to Curves this morning.

I am committed to the first 30 days and we will see where this leads but I have to say it felt good to spend some time working specific muscle groups on the machines and doing a little aerobic work on the platforms. Actually one of the best things about Curves is that it is a 30 minute workout and you get a chance to work all of the muscle groups that will keep you strong and healthy. It is a quick solution to weight training and pretty social too!

Later in the day I headed out the door with Annie in tow to make my walk30 a reality ... all in all I feel as if I have had a great Day one!
I hope you did too.
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