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Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Day One April Walk30 Challenge

Walking in Waterloo Region has been challenging this winter ... this photo was a few week ago but we still have snow banks and ice to deal with ... but Spring is showing its face

Day One of the April walk30 challenge! Our weather is getting better but there are still some icy patches in the early mornings and big puddles in the afternoon.  The daytime temperatures are starting to climb and we even saw some sun and a robin today.  The bottom line here is ... Spring just may be coming after all!

I had 2 walks today to get my step count up and my minutes in .... I am using my FitBit and I have promised myself 10 thousand steps a day. Your 30 minute walk can give you about 4 to 5 thousand steps but you really have to keep yourself moving to get in a thousand.

Let's embrace the warmer weather and get those feet on the street.
I hope you had a great walk30 today.
Walk On Strong!

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