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Thursday, 3 April 2014

Day 2 and 3 Walking to Wellness

Dave presenting at Fiddleheads Health and Nutrition
Day 2 and 3 Walking to Wellness ... a great talk at Fiddleheads

Wednesday and today Dave and I were preparing our power walking workshop that took place at Fiddleheads Health Store this evening. It was all about how everyone can benefit from knowing how to put a little more muscle in their stride! There was a good group and we got them up walking around the room and putting some techniques into practice.
The last 2 days of walking30 have gone well .. just getting out the door as often as possible for shorter walks seems to have been the key.  I teach a dance class on Wednesdays too so that gets another 5000 steps in for sure.
That's all for now I am off to rest.
 I hope you has a great walk30

Walk On Strong!


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