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Saturday, 24 January 2015

Work Harder On Your Walk ... Get More Benefit!

Walking this morning with the Walk On Strong Group!  This was last year but it looks just like it did today ... slippery in spots.

Day 6   Minds In Motion Initiative 
                   30 Day Walk30 Challenge
How to get more out of your walk!  When I go out walking I think in terms of three basic paces after I warm up for about 5 minutes:
1. Steady pace - you are walking at a pace that you can continue for a long time and not feel exhausted ... it is not slow but it is not too taxing.  You feel as though you are getting a good steady walk going!

2. Tempo pace - is a faster walking pace where  you are pushing yourself and you are tired when you are finished and definitely ready to stop. Your heart rate is up and you are breathing a little harder.

3. Interval pace - this is your fastest pace ... you would use it when you are doing speed work and intervals.  If you go back in this blog a few days I talk about intervals and how great they are for building your fitness level, strength and your speed.  It is great to throw a few intervals of 20 to 40 seconds into every walk if you have a good fitness base. Always recover with a steady walk after your interval to get your heart rate down.

Let us know about your walk30 ... take a picture, post on our FaceBook page, blog or tweet about it …#walk30withmimi

Walk with us in support of mental health on May 10th in the MIMI KW Walking Classic for more information and registration at www.mimiwalks.com
So ... 10 K under my belt today and a wonderful talk with 2 fellow walkers ... what more can you ask for?

Walk On Strong,

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