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Thursday, 26 January 2012

Day 26 A memorable walk

 Day 26 A memorable walk!

I was reading the Walking to Retirement blog today and Scott was talking about star gazing and an amazing app that helps to identify the constellations in the nights skies.  That had me reminiscing.  
We used to live in a very small community in Northern Alberta (many years ago) ... a village called Sangudo north of Edmonton.   The skies at night were so incredible because there was virtually no light pollution.   Winter provided the best show and the northern lights were frequent and brilliant. 
 The only difficulty was that in the summer we were so far north that there was actually some light in the sky until the morning.  This also brings back memories of a one walk that we did not volunteer to do when our car broke down on the way home to our little house in the country ... it was in the summer and we had just left a party at a friends home in the village and headed out of town and it was very late (or early in the a.m.).  Just outside of town on the back road that would eventually lead to our house the car just quit and we decided we would just walk home for a lark ... bad idea ... I was wearing my skimpy summer shoes and it was a very long walk on a dirt gravel road. Hours later at about 4 a.m. we arrived home sore and tired.  What can I say ... we were young!
Today's walk30 was a lot less stressful ... thank goodness.
Walk On Strong! 

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  1. It would be such a treat to visit a place like that and take in the night sky!

    4:00 AM! That's about seven hours beyond my bed time now :)