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Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Day 24 A walking meeting

Walking and talking ... that's what it's all about!

Day 2 A walking meeting

Today my walk30 took the form of a walking meeting. There is a lot of talk about getting more movement into the office.  The idea of getting out and walking during a meeting is one that is tossed around a lot but I really wonder how many offices really encourage their staff members to walk out the front door and have a meeting as they walk their way down the street.  I have a new colleague that I am working with on a grant project with the Trillium Foundation and she and I had a great walking meeting today.  We walked for about an hour but the time flew by because we were talking about the working plans and how things were proceeding.  It seemed as if our meeting was over in just a flash because the conversation was so engaging.  

I challenge you to make one of your walk30's this month a walking meeting ... you won't regret it!
Walk On Strong!

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