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Sunday, 12 August 2012

Day 12 Another Fitbit review

Yipee! 25 thousand steps on Saturday!!

Day 12 Another FitBit review

I have been using my Fitbit for over a week and I am liking it more all the time.  It is able to monitor your sleep patterns.  I am a huge fan of sleeping and there are times when sleep escapes me ... to put it lightly.  This situation really is a concern for me because I enjoy looking into things that have to do with healthy habits and ways that our health can be compromised.  I have discovered that lack of sleep is way, way up there in regard to its negative impact on your health.  I recently read that not having sufficient sleep is comparable to not exercising as far as it's negative impact on your health.  From weight gain to the rise in almost all types of disease not getting enough sleep is hazardous to your health!
So back to my Fitbit.  I have been wearing my firbit to bed and it tracks the number of hours you actually sleep and how many times you wake up!  The first night that I tracked I hardly slept at all and I think I woke up 9 times.  I was very discouraged and worried because I think that I only had 3 and a half hours of sleep.  I have continued to track and found, to my relief, that I actually sleep more than I thought ... usually between 7 and 8 hours.  That first night was just a sleepless night but not a pattern ... thank goodness.
Getting the awards in my email also gives me a boost ... I have posted the latest one I received yesterday. 
25,000 steps on Saturday!
I hope you all have a good nights sleep.
Walk On Strong!

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