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Monday, 6 August 2012

Day 6 Walking30 every day!

I'm having a latte and a cookie and then ... I off to the Bruce Trail to walk30!!

Day 6 Walking30 every day!
I am going to write a quick blog entry here because .... drum roll ... I HAVE TO GO WALKING on the Bruce Trail. We are here in one of our favorite locations ... Tobermory.  One of the great things about Tobermory is that it is the starting point of the Bruce Trail ( or the end depending on your point of view).  I have a plan to head up the trail a little way and climb the forest ranger tower (not the official name I am sure) and get a summer picture.
We are also meeting friends for Fish and Chips so I have about 45 minutes to walk over there and climb and then get back so ... I am heading off.
I hope you have a scenic walk on this (Canadian) holiday Monday!
Walk On Strong!

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