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Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Day 18 What is great about a walking group?

Come walk with us!

Day 18 What is great about a walking group?

Tonight we met with the Walk On Strong group for another Tuesday night walk.
I brought Annie with us and we were at the end of the long line of walkers and just enjoying the good company and conversation. As we were rounding a corner we came upon a woman who asked us "Is this some kind of walking club"?  We immediately started to tell her that "Yes" we were and she was welcome to join us on Tuesdays or on Saturdays to join in the fun!

She was thinking that she would join us some Tuesday in the future because she was so impressed with so many people walking along together.  She actually heard someone talking about Dr. Oz and thought "that must be a good group of people ... interested in health".
There is something special about a group that gets together to just walk, talk and get a little more fitness into their life ... we are blessed to be a part of it!
Walk On Strong!

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