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Thursday, 4 October 2012

Day 4 Get out there and walk30

This is one of my very favorite paintings by Elaine Davidson

Day 4 Get out there and walk30

Today walking was a bit of a challenge ... I was working on a report and it seemed that the longer I worked on it the longer it became. It was just one of those busy days.  I am working hard to get things done because tomorrow I want to leave early to head out to Owen Sound and visit with and help my artist friend Elaine Davidson. She is one of the Artists Around the Sound and will be on the Artist Studio Tour on Saturday and Sunday along with her husband Uwe .... who is also an artist.
This is a weekend I look forward to all year. When we are excited and rushing it seems that the thing that gets left behind is often one of the fundamentals like ... getting out there for a simple walk that could clear your head and make you feel just that much better!
I did make it out to walk and I will be ready to go tomorrow morning bright and early!
If you are anywhere near Owen Sound on Saturday be sure to take in the Artists Around the Sound Studio Tour and Sale ... you won't regret it!
Walk On Strong!

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