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Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Day 6 A longer walk feels good!

My first 10 K in a few months
Day 6 A longer Saturday walk for me!
This has been a great week of walking.  The weather was not quite as cold and I am feeling that I am walking a little faster

This week I was the one to get up early and meet everyone for the 8 a.m. longer walk with our Walk On Strong group.  My husband Dave has been getting up early for the past 2 months while my knee has been healing ( yeah Dave!!).   I was up for it this week and feeling ready to walk a little longer.  At the end of 10K I really felt that I had a workout and the slippery conditions made things a little more intense. 
Dave and I and a few more members of Walk On Strong will be at the Chilly Half Marathon on March 3 so I plan to walk it but not as a race goal but a " I am going to make it to the end" goal. 

Life hands us a lot of lessons and this one has slowed me down and made me pay attention to the important things in life.
It feels good to just get out there and walk30 ... fast or slow ... it is all about just doing it!
Walk On Strong,

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